Official Winner’s Circle Photo

February 27, 2016
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March 29, 2016
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Official Winner’s Circle Photo


It’s Fun to Win!

It’s also nice to know that the breeder’s family will be getting another check. Usually, this is not something that we really think about. However, we were told that the breeder died and his family can really use the income.┬áSo, in this case, we do think about it. As grateful as we are for the win, we know it’s even more important for this family.

Flattery is a wonderful girl. She’s won two in a row after coming from way behind to finish third in her first race. So, why would be thinking of turning her out for a little rest?

Every horse is different. She seems to be a little stressed, even though she is a doll off the track and a resolute campaigner on the track. She doesn’t finish her feed and is thin. Plus, she bleeds a little, even through Lasix, a diuretic that should help her not to bleed.

So, unless, she starts eating up this week or there’s a great opportunity for another race that’s imminent, we think a little relaxation is just the thing to help her get stronger. Remember, she had her leg scrape either the gate or get hit by another horse. She was bleeding and had swelling in that leg. That could have led to stress in the race. We’ll watch her for a week or so and then decide.

Looking forward to getting some others to the racetrack. Of course, none of them has been as precocious as Flattery.

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