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March 28, 2014
Photos of Mom and foal in Kentucky
April 11, 2014
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She’s in Foal!


Ahvee’s Destiny is pregnant courtesy of former Australian Horse of the Year and Hall of Famer, Lonhro. She’ll remain in Kentucky and be checked several times to be sure everything is going well. Then, she and Little Ahvee will return to Rojan Farms in Schuylerville, NY, which is 10 minutes outside of Saratoga Springs. I miss being able to see them and enjoy their company!

It’s been too long a stretch since we’ve communicated. So many things going on. First, Executive Office ran on 3/30. He got the lead, stayed there into the stretch running on his wrong lead [that is the leg that makes the first step in his running action. Depending on whether a horse is on a straight away (right lead preferred) or on a turn (left lead preferred for counterclockwise U.S. racing], he is able to refresh himself by changing to the appropriate lead and showing more energy. In our case, Executive Office was on the wrong lead around the stretch turn but the rider, Linda’s niece, Taylor Rice, didn’t know that, so she tried to get him to change his lead to what would have been the wrong lead for the straightaway of the homestretch (are you thoroughly confused yet?! In any case, he slowed up and was passed by the winner but held on for second. To add insult to injury, he was claimed away from us for half the price we paid for last Fall.

Jess Not Jesse will have surgery finally on Monday. This may very well compromise his ability to be ready for the Saratoga Meet where he has had great success in the past. No matter, I think he should be as comfortable as possible. If he makes it back, great. If not, he’s done a great job.

Hear the Footsteps is aiming for a Stakes race May 1st at Belmont. Linda says he looks beautiful and is doing well. Go Footsie!

Naugatuck, one of our harness horses who’s been sick and then banged up, will be racing at Saratoga Harness on Saturday night in race 7 from the #1 post position. The Morning Line is 10-1. Chris Long who had a falling out with Eric Adsit, our trainer, will be the driver. Seems like nice odds for an upset. Here’s hoping!

JFS is still trying to raise money for camp scholarships for children. For information and to donate, you can copy and paste this link into your url box: If that’s too much trouble, just make out a tax deductible check to JFS and send to me ASAP. Give a child the gift of camp. Send to me c\o Everything’s Cricket Racing at: 8 Slater Street, Port Chester, NY 10753.

We’ve gone to the Kentucky Derby the last few years with up to 165,000 of our closest friends. Wouldn’t you know that the year we’re skipping will see Patsy Symon’s horse, Effie Trinket, run in a Stakes race on Derby day. We would have loved to be there for Patsy to root Effie on. It will surely be very exciting for her. Good luck!

Hope you have a great weekend and good holiday whether you celebrate Passover or Easter. We are looking forward to being with family but will miss Mom in a big way!

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