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May 2, 2017
Wonderful weekend!
May 16, 2017
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The Nose Knows



Rhoda is the photographer and the headline writer. Nicely done!

Photo was taken this morning. He’s 11 days old and progressing nicely. Today he was jumping around the stall and even kicking his mother. He’s very sweet and friendly. We’re in love! Of course, I guess that’s the way we always are. Aren’t animals incredible? Hard to believe but true, you can connect with virtually any animal.

It was an extremely difficult trip to Saratoga Friday because the rain was so strong and there was so much of it. We stopped at Waldorf Farm on the way up to see Momma and baby. That made the trip worth the hassle.

Certainly, Saturday’s running of the Kentucky Derby left us poorer thanks to Battle of Midway. All it takes is one horse you didn’t give a chance to ruin all your exotic wagers. Our Superfecta of 2012 paid $48K for $1. This year’s Superfecta paid $76K… but we didn’t have it!

There is a lot of stress to do handicapping and come up with the betting program for Derby day. This year we went to the Museum of Racing’s Derby Party. No more Derby parties for us. We’ll watch at home, either alone or with a few friends. You can actually see and usually hear the race. That’s not the case at a Derby Party. Sometimes you CAN see the race but you never CAN hear the race call.

Back to Saratoga (and to Waldorf Farm) next weekend for the Preservation Society’s Historic House Tour. Hope it’s an easier trip!

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