We must need a Jewish horse

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October 23, 2017
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November 10, 2017
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We must need a Jewish horse


Hay Field runs another strong race!

It was a chilly, gray day at Belmont as dusk started to descend on the paddock. Hay Field looked good as she walked towards me. I reached out, stroked her snout and told her she was a good girl. The horse that couldn’t be trained seemed calm and collected.

Jockey Paco Lopez appeared in our silks, while I hoped I’d be donning my own silks in a few minutes, when Hay Field got us to the Winner’s Circle. She was 8-1 on the board but as post time approached, her odds fell to 5-1. Unfortunately, she was coming out of post 13 out of 14, way to the outside. She’d have a lot of ground to make up, even if she just tried to get closer to the rail after the starting gate opened.

Nonetheless, Paco followed Assaf’s instructions perfectly. He didn’t let her fall behind, so she wouldn’t get dirt in her face from runners in front of her and urged her to get to the front. Then, he dropped her down to the 2 path. So far so good.

Again, Paco followed instructions. He didn’t try and run away from the other horses, just stayed on or near the lead without taking any dirt in Hay Fields face. Just as in her last race, she put away one of the contenders and was faced with another contender coming on to her inside. She started losing ground, when Paco urged her on with the crop. She regained ground and was head and head with This Bird Can Sing, a horse formerly trained by Assaf!

When horses run, they “bob” back and forth. I wish Paco would have urged her with the crop just once more, since she lost the “bob” at the line. Another 2nd place finish. This time by a nose, compared to last time’s loss by a nose hair. Can’t you see why we need a Jewish horse!

Linda sent us a nice text complimenting Hay Field’s nice race. Thanks, Linda!

Looks like 11/17 for Hay Field’s next race. Another Genius should run around that time too. Hopefully, others will be running soon.

If you’d like to see Hay Field’s two exciting races, go to:

Insert the dates of September 20th and  race #4 and October 26th and race #9. You can view the race from the side (pan position) or head-on.

Have a great weekend!

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