First time at Laurel Park in Maryland
March 23, 2017
Two races this weekend!
April 6, 2017
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What a Weekend!


We Went to See FlatteryWillGetYou Race at Laurel Park in Maryland

We were going to attend AIPAC’s Policy Conference and arrived on Amtrak’s Acela in Washington DC on Friday at 12:53 pm. This conference is a place where you can hear nice things said about the Jewish State of Israel and all Israel does for the entire world. You don’t hear that in most of the media and it frustrates me, because, as our UN Ambassador, former Governor Nikki Hayley, said on Monday, “it’s just the truth!”

We couldn’t get an Uber quickly, so we took a regular taxicab to drop our bags at the hotel and then get to Joe’s Stone Crab to have lunch with our son, Jonathan, and his/our friend, Donny. Frankly, seeing our son is why we make sure to get there every year. And, BTW, Joe’s is one wonderful restaurant.

Luckily for us, FlatteryWillGetYou was scheduled to race at Laurel the next day. So, near the end of a pre-conference session, we went to meet the Uber I’d reserved. As we were waiting, I got an e-mail from Uber informing me that the rate was going to be more than three times the quoted rate. UGH!! So, we took a regular taxi again.

I’m told that Laurel is trying to upgrade it’s facility, so it can qualify to host the Breeder’s Cup in the future. It’s a quaint place but it still has a way to go before the Breeder’s Cup will choose to come, in our opinion.

I tried to pick up my new Maryland license but the camera didn’t work, so I couldn’t get one. The round, covered paddock is next door to the licensing office, so we went there. To our surprise, they had not run the race before Flattery‘s race yet. In that race, Linda had entered our friends’ horse, Seymourdini. So, we saw him in the paddock, went to get some liquid refreshment and rooted for him to win. He was ahead most of the way. In the stretch, he just pulled away from all the rest and won by more than 12 lengths.

The butterflies in my stomach were fluttering when we went back to the paddock to await Flattery‘s arrival. As we saw her approaching, we could see she was lathered up. It was a quite warm 77 degrees. So, I asked Althea, who was in charge of Flattery to sponge her down. She went further and hosed her down.

The jockey, Horacio Karamanos, told us he had gotten some pointers from Cornelio Velasquez, who’s ridden Flattery to several victories. Then he got onto Flattery and off they went.

We went down to the finish line and met another couple with a horse in our race. At this point, it felt like the butterflies in my stomach had invited the rest of their family. The horses were nearing the gate and it was post time.

They’re all in. We’re waiting for the bell to ring and the gates to open. They’re off. FlatteryWillGetYou gets a good start. She’s first. Then Horacio settles her into second place. She still looks good.

As they go into the far turn, she’s well placed and the pace seems to pick up. they head for the top of the stretch and the leader is all done. Flattery surges to the lead by 2 1/2 lengths. It looks like it will be an easy victory… but it will not. Chilly Start is coming on the outside. Horacio goes to the whip. Flattery digs in but Chilly Start keeps coming.

We’re yelling for the wire to come. Chilly Start‘s peeps must be yelling for her to get to the lead. 3/4 length, 1/2 length, a neck, a head. The wire comes. Who won? I think we did. We wait for the decision of the stewards in the photo booth. The winner is… FlatteryWillGetYou by a nose! Whew!

So, we go into the Winner’s Circle for the photo but I forget to put my silks on. It’s my shtick, I put on an extra-large version of the jockey silks when we win, but waiting for the decision, I was frozen. Luckily, Rhoda remembers. They have to walk Flattery round and round before bringing her into the Winner’s Circle, so I have time to put the Silks on. In the end, it all works out.

After the race, Horacio tells us that Flattery started to loaf when there was no one in front of her. She’s done that before. Of course, I think she was tiring as well, since she lost ground when she bore out in late stretch. But, as they say, a “W” is a “W!” We’ll take it. Flattery tied Hear the Footsteps for 2nd place on our brood’s win list at 5 victories. Of course, the Queen, Ahvee’s Destiny had 11 wins!

Speaking of Ahvee’s Destiny, she’s having hoof problems again. Dr. Morrell saw and treated her yesterday and today. He’s coming back Saturday. Very tricky with less than three weeks until her due date.

Ransom Note may run in an Allowance race on April 8th at Aqueduct.

When The Jockey Club receives the Foal Papers for Ramon Dominguez, his name will become Daring Destiny.

Hay Field arrived at the barn of Israeli trainer, Assaf Ronen on Monday. We will soon know if she can be trained and raced.

Candy for Kisses was bred again. We’ll know Monday if she is in foal this time.

Another Genius has arrived at Belmont to train for the upcoming turf season.

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