Introducing Candy for Kisses and…

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January 14, 2015
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Introducing Candy for Kisses and…


A filly bred by Larry & Jennifer

Here she is:

Yes, Rhoda looks good too… and, sometimes I do get kisses but not for candy — more like for vegetables… like KARATS!

Back to the filly. She was bred and named by our friends, so we stuck with the name. Her sire is Candy Ride, an Argentinian stallion who won all 6 of his races and banked 3/4 of a million dollars in his short racing career.

Candy for Kisses’s genetic testing scores puts her in the elite category. Linda is not yet in love but this filly’s form on the training track has been improving.

Next is Hay Field. She is a daughter of Haynesfield, a winner of over $1.3 million dollars.

Pat Hoppel picked out this filly. She is out of an Indian Charlie mare and is related to Wise Dan, two-time horse of the year.

Her genetic test say she will be better than average. We hope she will be much better!

Then there is an Einstein sired filly who Linda loved when we bought her and her cousin, Tori, loves riding at the farm in Ocala. I think it was Linda who first came up with the name, Another Genius.

Another Genius is the alpha of fillies. She’s the boss and she doesn’t even like the other horses to run with her. On the track, she may try to bite or kick the other horses… but Tori says she feels strong and natural running and one cannot deny her regal beauty. Unfortunately, the genetic tests don’t agree. So, this will be a test of statistics versus horsemanship.Einstein ran and won on every surface, dirt, grass and synthetic, earning more each year through the age of 7 and amassing total purses of almost $3 million. Pretty impressive. Let’s see how his daughter does.

I’m writing this from Saratoga Springs. We got to visit with Ahvee’s Destiny on Saturday afternoon. While it was cold, it wasn’t bad, since there was no wind. She was looking good and walking well with her new shoes and pads on the sore front feet. Take a look.


She’s enormous. One month to go until she drops her foal sired by Australian champion, Lonhro. Let’s hope all goes well.

We fed her only a little. No carrots, only cookies, since her digestive system is compromised because of the foal. We hope to be back next month to greet our new four-legged grandchild.

Here’s my favorite Ahvee’s Destiny pose… looking for some treats:

Love you, Destiny. Hope it goes easy next month. For an egocentric racing champion, you’re a very good mother… as long as the foal doesn’t try to eat any of your treats!

We’ve got two more horses to introduce and we’ll send some photos of Ahvee’s Destiny’s first foal, who is now a yearling.

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