Arch Traveler wins at Finger Lakes!

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May 4, 2014
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May 16, 2014
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Arch Traveler wins at Finger Lakes!


Emotional Horse Owners

It was NOT the Kentucky Derby but there was an emotional satisfaction watching Arch Traveler on my I-Phone while at a business lunch yesterday. We claimed him for $50,000 more than a year ago with great hopes. Linda’s idea was to run on him on the grass, which she thought was something no one had tried and his pedigree had many grass influences.

However, she found that his arthritic ankles were problematic. She tried resting him, treating him and did not get to run him on grass, nor has she ever tried. She ran him once in a $35,000 claimer where he finished a distant 4th. Then, a $12,500 claimer, where he was even worse. Still no grass.

Yesterday, he was in a $5000 claimer at the Finger Lakes Race Track near Rochester, NY. It’s a lower quality track with no turf course. Frankly, I was shcoked to see the entry without hearing from her in advance. So, I was so happy to see the horse fight on the lead all the way and then draw off to win by 3 3/4 lengths. Yes, it was a small purse. No, no one claimed him. But at least, this once proud stakes contender, who ran with the hopes of his prior owners and then us in his prior races, scored a victory. Congrats, Arch Traveler. We all need a victory now and again!

On a grander scale, that’s what the owners of the Kentucky Derby experienced with their champion, California Chrome. They named their stable, Dumb Ass Partners because that’s what they were called for going into the horse business. They bred their horse for a cost of only $10,000. Yet, they created a champion who has now won the Kentucky derby and earned millions of dollars. They’re proud of him and of themselves… and well they should be. Good job!

We’l talk about Hear the Footsteps and our harness boys soon. Plus, Ahvee’s Destiny and her colt should be returning to NY by the end of next week, or so. We’re looking forward to all that and will reach out to you again, soon.


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