Our love & thanks to Ahvee’s Destiny!

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May 30, 2019
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July 15, 2019
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Our love & thanks to Ahvee’s Destiny!


What can you say about your first horse?

The photo above the headline is of Ahvee’s Destiny defeating Smart & Fancy in the Finney Stakes in Saratoga. Notice that her mane was lovingly braided by her groom, Jeobani, who is now a manager assisting Marsha Barrs. Everyone loves her. These photos are all taken at the Rood & Riddle hospital in Saratoga Springs.

She is a champion who won 11 races, 4 stakes and 5 times in Saratoga. She’s had 5 foals. She’s fought valiantly to overcome the ailments that are killing her. This is one time she’s lost the battle. Yet, as Bill said recently, she’ll die with a smile on her face.

Now, it’s time to say goodbye.¬†We’ll feed her treats, shower her with love and try not to cry until we leave and she can’t hear us balling like babies. We’ll miss her so-o-o much! Ahvee, you will always be in our hearts and the memories you have bestowed on us will live with us until it’s our time to leave. I hope horse heaven and human heaven are in the same place. We’ll bring the treats!

On the racetrack, Nicodemus will be entered in Saturday’s John Nerud Stakes at Belmopnt. It’s a Grade 2 with the winner automatically getting into the Breeder’s Cup in October.

Beyondelle won her second straight at Presque Isle Downs in Erie, PA. She was behind 3 lengths with about 50 yards to go, but she managed to get to the finish line first. I Admire You ran her second 2nd place in a row. She’s getting better.

The Saratoga¬†Race Meet starts July 11th. We hope we’ll get to see Alphalfa, Tzipi, Madita and, hopefully, Nicodemus run sometime during the Meet.

Revolve, one of our mares in Kentucky has had the horse equivalent of appendicitis. Happily, she’s doing better.

Hope you come to visit us. We’ll need friends and family. Happily, there’s also lots to celebrate.

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