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June 9, 2017
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July 3, 2017
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So-o-o Excited!


Dear Evan Hansen wins 6 Tony Awards!

I was going to share my excitement with only our investors… but I decided to share it with everyone. Yes, with my interest in theater and Thoroughbreds, I’m a little unusual. And, these pursuits contain a sure thing… excitement and fun. When your fun turns into money, it doubles the excitement.

Sunday night, we had the fun and excitement of being at the Tony Awards. Aside from rubbing elbows with the stars, celebrities and beautiful people, we cheered as each nomination for Dear Evan Hansen was announced. We really felt delirious when 6 out of our 9 nominations, resulted in a Tony.

The excitement started in the off-Broadway run, when the reviews were raves and the audiences filled the seats. Then, the same thing happened after the transfer to Broadway. Word of mouth was fantastic as people started to hear about the show. It’s kind of an awkward name, Dear Evan Hansen… but the audiences loved the writing, the music, the acting.

So, we were happy to see the talent involved in OUR show receive acclaim. Of course, we felt smart, because we wrongly felt that some of the acclaim was for us. It’s the same kind of acclaim you get in the Winner’s Circle when your horse wins an important race. I think it’s called reflected glory. Well, bring me another mirror!

Of course, when a show is popular with audiences AND receives critical acclaim, you’re going to make money. Dear Evan Hansen is playing to a full house.┬áSo, the participating investors should do well financially, as well as participate in all the fun and excitement. Wow!

In the future, I hope you’ll share in the fun and excitement with us. There’s the glamour of Opening night and the after party, the possibility of awards and more parties and, of course, making money too, which will probably result in even more parties! We hope to include you in our future productions.

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