Avram Freedberg

August 31, 2008

Good news, bad news…

Posted by Avram Freedberg My friend, Rob, has been in the horse racing business for a long time, even breeding his own thoroughbreds. As far as […]
August 28, 2008


Posted by Avram Freedberg She’s still Rexy, not Sheila yet, but she finished 2nd today, which is her best finish yet, albeit in a lower class […]
August 25, 2008

One week…

Posted by Avram FreedbergIt’s hard to believe that only one week of our Saratoga adventure has passed. We have been flying since Ahvee’s Destiny win last […]
August 19, 2008

9 to 1 …

Posted by Avram FreedbergThat’s what the punters thought of Ahvee’s Destiny’s chances against the boys )and 3 more of Linda’s fillies!). It was a tough race, […]