Avram Freedberg

March 16, 2012

It was a bad day

I thought it was a bad day when I heard the HBO show about Horse Racing was canceled due to the death of the third horse […]
March 12, 2012

The lowdown on Numismatic

I expected to have this info early yesterday but only received it later in the day when I was already attending a wedding. Numismatic was dehydrated […]
March 10, 2012

Dead Last

Numismatic tried to keep up with Mr. Invincible but, instead, appeared to run himself into the ground. We await the vet’s report on his blood and […]
March 9, 2012

Freud smoked a cigarette…

…and Ahvee’s Destiny had a smile on her face, after they consummated the act. In horse lingo, they say, Freud “covered” Ahvee’s Destiny. Today, she ovulated, […]