Avram Freedberg

June 22, 2011

Katy today, Ahvee Saturday night

She came out of the one hole and quickly went in her opening direction… backwards, or so it seemed. It’s hard to watch her on TV […]
June 20, 2011

Holy Blitzer, Ahvee’s Destiny, et al

First, Holy Blitzer. Johnny Velasquez took her to the front but two others stayed with her. He didn’t urge her to the lead, just let her […]
June 19, 2011

Holy Blitzer

Blitzeris entered in a tough race today at Belmont. It’s the 8th race on the grass and he’s the longest shot on the board based on […]
June 13, 2011

Sunday in New York… New Jersey… Brooklyn… and CT

Wow! We did it… and we passed through Staten Island too. Of course, that was our only glitch on return, when an accident on the Verrazano […]